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Zero Downtime Services
Zero Downtime


The goal is to deliver comprehensive IT solutions and services that will increase the productivity of your business.


                  Like a good doctor who does not make the proper diagnosis and optimal treatment without a quality examination, we also need to find our way precisely in the settings of your entire network infrastructure, the quality of systems and the functionality of applications.

                    Examples of areas of analyses and proposals:
                  • costs for procurement and operation of HW and SW infrastructure
                  • reliability and efficiency of data backup and recovery
                  • disk capacity and interconnection of systems with disk space
                  • current implementation of monitoring in line with the nature of the segment in which you operate
                  • real performance of current applications, their technological possibilities and the quality of current suppliers
                  • security of applications and SW licenses
                  • quality of strategic and operational activities of internal IT teams
                  • extent of utilization, competencies and efficiency of internal teams (taking into consideration the future goals of a client and segment direction)
                  • IT infrastructure documentation and the updates
                  • documentation of incidents and solutions
                  Zero Downtime Services - Analýza


                  To ensure an IT system with zero downtime, our design guarantees functionality and cost savings. In terms of its content, it covers a detailed design of technologies and a plan for the implementation of your systems in compliance with IT requirements and cost options.
                  Zero Downtime Services - Architektúra
                  In the process of architecture design, we offer:
                  • basic documentation for IT systems, such as logical and technical architectures, including records of technologies used
                  • specification of requirements concerning seriousness, availability of information systems and data, performance, capacity, operational and implementation requirements
                  • proposal for replacement of HW components, in case the replacement will lead to lower operating costs and improvement of parameters of provided services
                  • re-evaluation of licensed software trying to search for savings on architecture, HW components (stronger HW with a smaller number of processor cores, according to the licensing model)
                  • potential use of open source technologies
                  • a proposal to consolidate the backup, which protects data from loss in the process of transformation to the desired state
                  • Proof of Concept (PoC) testing of the most important system backup
                  • (PoC) testing of the central monitoring with observing the relevant states and parameters of provided services and underlying infrastructure
                  • (PoC) testing of the central registry of configuration items, incident management and change requests 
                  • IT infrastructure documentation
                  • a proposal for the provision of specialists in individual technologies (LAN, SAN, AIX, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft)

                  Project management

                  Project management includes comprehensive management of project documentation in accordance with defined project management procedures, regular monitoring and recording of results in a standard structure, form and scope, and elaboration of formal documentation for invoicing of deliveries.
                  Project performance management and control: 
                  • formal opening of the project (kick-off meeting)
                  • management of implementation and control of project plan fulfillment
                  • planning of individual stages of the project and specific activities (testing, trial operation)
                  • regular project meetings
                  • regular project reports (project progress reports)
                  • evaluation of specific activities (test reports, evaluation of test operation)
                  • change management (change procedures)
                  • risk management
                  • quality management
                  • troubleshooting
                  • project completion report
                  • formal closing of the project (kick-out meeting) 

                  Project management documentation:

                  • project plans
                  • minutes and project reports
                  • project registers

                  Formal submission of project outputs:

                  • drawing up and submission of acceptance protocols
                  Zero Downtime Services - Projektový manažment
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