Zero Downtime Support

The Zero Downtime Support provides full functionality and availability of customer’s IT infrastructure and services for clients operated in a given infrastructure. Since customer’s IT is under continuous control, our specialists immediately respond to all incidents and changes, or to all service requirements, in compliance with customer’s needs. An operation of IT infrastructure and services is then in accordance with defined parameters and availabilities. Thanks to the service, the pressure on customer’s IT department is reduced. Our company with ZD.Support accepts a part of responsibility for IT infrastructure and service operation.

Within ZD.Support, we provide three levels of service:

  • Proactive level of service. The main emphasis is put on an elimination of infrastructure’s unavailability (hardware, software) and detection of a potential problem prior to its manifestation. This effort is based mainly on:
    – permanent monitoring of infrastructure, up to an application level, and monitoring of service availability,
    – performance of periodic controls and IT environment analyses of a customer allowing the critical service,
    – regulated installation and implementation of hardware, software, configuration changes, etc, in IT infrastructure, on the basis of outputs and recommendations as a result of periodic controls.
  • Reactive level of service. The priority is an immediate assessment and elimination of incidents or events which reduce an availability or cause complete service unavailability. On this level, the team of specialists provides mainly:
    – “hotline and helpdesk” service for a customer. Service messages are received and the tickets from a customer opened,
    – remote or local diagnostics, evaluation of failures and performance of all activities leading to the fastest elimination of failure or solution for unavailability and limitation of the critical service,
    – communication with service centres of manufacturers and providers of individual parts of customer’s IT infrastructure.
  • Level of an assisted service provides activities by our specialists, which are not covered in the above-mentioned levels. These mainly include the activities on request, e.g., operation system installations, hardware and software upgrades, infrastructure reconfigurations, data migration, preparation and migration of system upgrades, „Disaster recovery“ tests support for the so-called Bussiness continuity, etc.

The availability of critical IT services is measured according to the availability and reliability of the weakest element in IT infrastructure.  Our experience with a problem elimination developed into IT operation support by means of ZD.Support for customers who operate and provide critical services to their customers or users. In these environments, we help our customers with an operation of IT infrastructures, process management and different solutions.  Our purpose is a prevention of service unavailability without a quality service being compromised.


  • Single point of contact for the coordination of customer’s requirements solution,
  • Prompt responses to incidents or events endangering an IT operation and availability of customer’s services,
  • IT environment under control, including availability and quality of services provided to clients,
  • An experienced and competent partner with  comprehensive knowledge of customer’s IT environment, a precisely defined range of activities and responsibilities, contract minimization for an IT environment support, transparent relations,
  • Removing stereotype activities and engaging customer’s human resources in new projects and inovations necessary for business development.


  • ZD.Support Review – an analysis, infrastructure condition supervision, testing and design of measures with implementation procedure prior to the commencement of ZD.Support
  • ZD.Support Report – a record on environment’s regular periodic audits/prophylactics with a definition of detected problems, anomalies as well as their elimination proposals
  • ZD.Support SLA – a record evaluating the number of incidents, time of their solution, availability of IT services and performance of agreed SLA parameters