Zero Downtime Monitoring

Business activities depend more and more on IT. The building and operation of large IT infrastructures require a control and prediction of possible failures due to an undetected problem within the network, operation system, and malfunction of hardware, or of other components. A „Zero failure“warranty is not possible without a sophisticated monitoring platform regulating  IT settings in the real time and with possible detection of problems and anomalies, or incidents prediction.

ZD.Monitoring monitores an IT environment by using a large amount of metrics from many servers, virtual servers, network devices and applications. The platform collects and analyses data, creates statistics visualisations, performs metrics and immediately notifies the user of any present and potential problem. ZD.Monitoring is a platform fundamental for every well functioning IT infrastructure.

There are two reasons why it is necessary to monitor the environment:

  • You have a continuous control of your devices or products location. In case of any problems there is enough time to intervene.
  • You receive data with which you may work further, e.g. to develop reports to further evaluate and adjust the given environment on the basis of acquired data to meet the technical requirements.

This module contains an assessment tool for an evaluation of incidents occuring in your infrastructure. Our service in combination with the ZD.Support product, includes 24 hour monitoring of critical services such as functionality of e-mails, web page, backup tasks and more. Our goal is to detect and remove the failures prior to any negative effects. Each minute of a non-functioning system is a loss of your time, money and customers’ trust.

        With ZD.monitoring it is possible to monitor simultaneously a few units or thousands of servers, virtual computers, active network devices or applications and services in several locations and at the same time. The saved and collected data may be analyzed, statistically evaluated for early warnings and prevention of downtimes, errors, failures or financial losses. This product can not only identify the problem but also initiate automatic correction processes thus saving time and money.

A simple web monitoring interface enables a look at infrastructure and services from any device with the standard web browser (PC, tablet, cell phone), in any OS. ZD.Monitoring is also effective in other areas than IT, e.g., in the area of „Internet of Things“ and in monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, voltage and other indicators indirectly connected with IT environment.

In our design of a surveillance system we use the most up to date and effective technological solutions and consider the following questions:

  • requirements for condition monitoring of individual components in infrastructure and their threshold values,
  • requirements for a visualization of individual components,
  • specification of operational and security requirements,
  • requirements for availability and service evaluation