Zero Downtime Center

The basic prerequisite for failure-free IT services is an effective management of services and related technical infrastructure, including customer support.  IT managers experience demanding tasks on a daily basis such as:

  • safeguard and protect valuable company data against damage, loss, misuse or theft,
  • avoid any accidental failures leading to a risk of compromising the company´s reputation and to a decrease or a complete loss of anticipated revenues,
  • decide efficiently on IT environment and service alterations and updates in order to meet expectations of company’s business strategy while maintaining acceptable costs,
  • provide an adequate support to internal users, external users and other consumers,
  • transform the IT department into a profitable and thriving unit cutting its cost effectively.

Zero Downtime Center – a set of tools and services which meets the targets of a modern IT department – is a result of our longstanding experience in designing, building and operating a credible and safe IT infrastructure. Individual modules are designed to be used independently and for organizations of different sizes while considering investment and operational resources assigned to IT department operation.

Individual Zero Downtime Center modules are offered in three different business models:

  • Zero Downtime Owned /Purchase of hardware + licences/. You become the owner of necessary hardware and licences. Individual modules will be operated in your data centre. This model requires initial investments.
  • Zero Downtime Service /Lease of hardware + licences/. All necessary hardware and software, which remains our property, is operated in your data centre. You pay a monthly fee for using the entire module. In this case, only operational costs are required.
  • Zero Downtime Cloud /Purchase of a cloud services/. You pay a monthly fee for using the module operated in our data centre. In case of some modules, components necessary for the service functioning will be installed into your data centre.

Apart from all necessary technical components, all modules include our long-standing experience in a form of a proffesionally implemented system as well as surveillance and technical support for respective modules. Our journey does not end with the development of described ZD Center modules. Our continuous hard work on further upgrades and on a development of new modules follows our goal to make all the IT managers’ dream come true – zero failures and peaceful sleep.

Main Benefits of the Zero Downtime Center Modules

  • custom solution design meeting your particular environment specifications
  • cost optimization
  • expert solution deployment
  • integration of individual Zero Downtime Center modules such as Zero Downtime Monitoring and Zero Downtime Helpdesk
  • professional operation support