Zero Downtime Backup

Long before the birth of information technologies, it was generally known that the information represented a great advantage in many areas of human life. This is true even more today. With a constantly growing volume of information, there is also an increasing requirement for an instant availability. In the past, the main cause of the information system unavailability was the hardware failure. Today only as much as 15% of downtime is due to a hardware failure. Software errors (45%) and human factor failures (40%) cause concerns for companies. A backup strategy thus becomes one of the most important tasks of an IT department. However, the protection of data against loss, damage or theft is not the only reason of a backup. Secure backup and a quick restoration of backed-up data is the basic prerequisite for the fastest IT services recovery. A Zero Downtime Backup Module is a set of technical tools (hardware and software), methodology and processes which provide a secure backup, archiving and restoration of data in information systems with regards to their size, complexity, importance and specific requirements of an organization’s budget. The Zero Downtime Backup solution’s philosophy is an individual implementation tailored to the specifics of an organization while guaranteeing a professional implementation and operational support as a part of the solution.

When designing a backup system, we use the most up to date and most effective hardware and software tools available on the market with an emphasis on procurement and operational costs reductions. In the process of selecting a convenient concept and methodology of data protection, we consider the following:

  • data categorization according to the value and importance,
  • requirements for fast data recovery,
  • requirements for individual data categories protection,
  • legislative requirements,
  • time available for backup without compromising operation of services.

The backup system based on IBM Spectrum Protect Suite is an example of a highly effective data protection system due to its capacity licensing and the use of modern methods of deduplication.