Be prepared to efficiently respond to possible problems

Management and monitoring of the complex IT infrastructure is one of the most demanding tasks of the IT department.

The management of the environment means a centralized solution of the control of the operated technical infrastructure, support and integration infrastructure and application infrastructure. At the same time, it provides early and proactive signalization of individual critical situations.

The basic thing is the solution for the events administration. Through the automated means, it allows to collect, sort and analyze the individual messages and by setting the convenient filtering and correlation rules to secure that all critical messages on events endangering the operation of information systems are processed immediately, the personnel is notified in time and the corresponding response is executed immediately, either automatically or manually.

It is possible to use the following as the source of these events and messages:

  • network monitoring offering tools necessary for the central control of the network and its individual components,
  • monitoring of systems, databases and applications which offers monitoring of heterogenous environment, by means of which it is possible to control the key parameters (processor usage, file systems packing, long-term memory usage, state of processes, etc.) and thus to provide the correct functioning of systems, databases and applications. By setting the rules for handling of routine events it is possible to achieve the high reliability of the company systems operation,
  • monitoring storage infrastructure presently represented mostly by various storage devices and data paths built on the Storage Area Network technology. The solutions for monitoring and managing the data infrastructure allow monitoring, managing and evaluating the communication with the storage devices and securing the administration of the storage devices,
  • eventually other sources providing the information on functionality and performance of individual IT components.

After the processing, the information collected in this way provides an integral overview of the status of individual IT components as well as of the status of IT as a whole.

One of the important things is to provide also the task processing management. It serves for the generation and automatic launching of routine time-consuming and demanding tasks. The conditional batch chaining helps to create complex procedures of defining the reaction to the successful/unsuccessful execution of batch. The administrator has got an overview of the overall state of the processed tasks from the detailed processes and results recorded in the logs.

IT Environment Management provides necessary information background for individual levels of management of informatics department for the control and assessment of services provided by the informatics department.

Decision-making Support is an important field related to all previous areas of solutions. Its objective is to enable the IT managers to assess the IT operation as a whole, as well as operation of its individual parts. It allows better decision-making about individual investments where it is necessary to have all information available about the operation and trends of information system and its individual sources. Provision of such information in the form of outputs, tables and graphs is a basic prerequisite for the efficient and fast decisions of IT managers. The decision-making support thus provides the information for:

Operation Assessment. On the basis of data from monitoring and central control of events, the IT managers gain an overview of the overall IS availability, highlighting the major problematic issues. This helps them to focus specifically on solution of the currently actual issues and on the basis of assessment of trends to proactively prevent the potential problems regarding the availability and IS efficiency.

Capacity Planning. The operation of systems and performance of various activities related to the operation (various batch jobs, backup, etc.) requires the significant number of IT sources. These have got high demands on capacity and performance of IT components. It is difficult and sometimes even impossible to define the parameters of individual components, such as memory, processor, disk space, but also the number of media and mechanics in backup unit, network performance and other. By a correct assessment of individual operational parameters during the tasks processing or during the backup, it is possible to gain necessary information on undersized (or on the contrary oversized) parameters of respective components and on the basis of this information, to efficiently adopt the decisions on investments or other activities in respective area.

We implement the projects in the field of management and monitoring of IT environment by means of our trained and certified specialists and suppliers of IT technologies:

  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Zabbix 2.2 Certified Specialist
  • Zabbix 2.2 Certified Professional
  • VMware Certified Professional