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Leave the administration of the end devices to us and save your money and time

Easier administration, application, update and promotion of safety policies – these are only some of the advantages promised by the transition from the classic to the virtual end stations. In case of this type of virtualization, the user’s desktop (his operating system, profile, data) is hosted on the server and connectivity to such virtual station is provided by a remote access.

The main idea of the clients’ virtualization is the separation of hardware and software components. The safety is secured by the fact that no data are actually placed on the user’s end device but they are safely stored in a data center allowing high availability and the possibility of the user’s data recovery.

Virtualization of desktops and applications breaks a traditional connection between the software, hardware and operating systems and it removes the need for installing and administration of the desktops environment at the devices of the end users. By means of virtualization, a delivery, administration and update of all your Windows desktops and applications from the centre is only a matter of minutes.


Get acquainted with the advantages:

Easier management – solution of the thin client type does not contain any information. The backups, administration and updates are carried out on the side of a server. The problems with the thin client are solved by its replacement without the necessity of reinstalling the operating system or applications.

Security – data are safely stored in a data center having an adequate physical security. The security policy is applied on the whole company.

Lower costs – thin clients endure longer. The increased performance thanks to the higher requirements on the software is happening on the servers so it is not necessary to renew the individual computers each two or three years. Thin clients remain viable for five or more years. Beside, the thin clients consume much less electrical energy than traditional computers. There is also a possibility to use the old (existing) computers.

Growth as necessary – new servers are purchased according to the actual needs. Besides, the servers may be used when necessary. The majority of them may be turned off after working hours, thus saving the electrical energy for the operation of servers and cooling. Live migration on the side of servers allows that this saving is transparent for the users and they don’t even notice that the number of running servers is suddenly smaller.

Remote access – users can access their desktops from any place by means of a web browser or another thin client in the company’s network. It is a great advantage mainly for the employees who frequently travel between the branch offices or who use mobile offices or work in different cities. At the same time, if the employee has got some unfinished job at his office, he can continue with his job at home.

Work as with the real desktop. Playing the video, listening to the music or using the USB devices is the same as in case of a classic desktop so you are doing what you were used to.

We implement the projects in the field of central administration and virtualization of the work stations by means of our trained and certified specialists and suppliers of IT technologies:

  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  •  VMware Certified Professional